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Importance of Website in Schools

Internet has become one of the largest platforms of communication. It is the most effective technology available today. Building a website for school can prove to be extremely beneficial if it is done in the right way. It maybe time consuming and include a lot of effort to be put in for developing a website for the school, but it is very advantageous for the school community. The school website gives the school’s information and also clear idea about what they are good at. School websites will provide the up to dates, as well as help them to link between schools, their communities and also to the entire world.

Opportunities provided by a school website:

  • Parents become more aware about the schools functioning, and also feel involved. Through the websites parents can be easily informed about the upcoming events like activities, exams and also tips that could help children. Thus websites play a vital role in removing the barrier between parents and the school.
  • With the help of websites teacher’s can share their views and ideas with the rest of the faculty as well as the parents.
  • Te website makes it easier for the parents to give the school and the teachers their valuable feedback.
  • Parents get the opportunity to become well versed with the education system of their child.
  • The website provides a platform for the school to build contacts and link with business, families as well as other schools. Especially for families who relocate very often, these websites become great sources for them.

Few elements necessary for a school website:

  • Background of the school and other information like history and staff.
  • Basic contact details should always be mentioned in the website like, address, phone number, etc.
  • The website should contain all the day to day information or notice like upcoming inter and intra school events, holidays parent teacher’s meeting, etc.
  • School websites should also avail blogs and forums to give an opportunity to have an interaction.
  • The necessary teaching aids, teaching materials, journals, lesson plan, and other education resources should be provided.
  • Photographs and write-ups about school, classroom, school trips, etc. should be put up. Also suggestions to be given to parents, assisting them to help their children at home.

Creating websites of your own is the same as being a publisher, but a website is always convenient for both students and educators. Here you make your own website without being criticized and it also saves time. Students should be encouraged to make the website for the school as they have more knowledge about technology than adults. Thus it becomes a learning experience for them, making them more versatile in what they do and create.

Many a times people tend to consider the school website to be a substitute for all the face-to-face interactions. It is a very wrong notion that they hold. The website should be perceived as an extra resource benefit provided to the world by the schools.

Getting a Job Through Social Networking

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Getting a job can be a hard process. With the right connections however getting a job can be a lot less difficult. Social networking is a good way to get connected with the people who can get you into a certain field such as a writer much easier. Writing in particular is a hard field to break into, there are so many people who try to become famous authors that there just is not enough room for all of them. A good amount also do not have the necessary skills to be writers, as such it is a lot harder to become a published writer. Many agents will not even bother taking new authors on without an existing author recommending them because of how many different bad questions they may get on any given day, so social networking can be very beneficial when it comes to breaking into a profession like this, and sometimes may be one of your only options.

By social networking you get to meet a lot of different people and learn who can get you into contact with who and who knows how to do this or that. Making friends with such people can help you down the road should you ever need to ask them for help. Since they know you they will be more willing to help you out than if you were just some stranger that randomly asked for help. Writing is just one example but there are many other areas where social networking can be just as helpful in finding a job.

In fact social networking is probably the best way to find a job doing anything at any time, if only for the fact that employers are more willing to accept people who are recommended by those who have already provided themselves as hard workers. They feel if the hard worker recommends them then they will most likely be a harder worker also, since people do not usually associate themselves with people who differ in the way they view and sometimes even do things which is why employers feel it is a safer bet to go with the recommended person more so than someone new who they have no knowledge of. So if you are finding it hard to break into a field try a bit of social networking, meet new people, and sometimes you may be able to find someone who can help you out.

Is the Shroud of Turin Medieval? History Tells a Different Story

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In 1988 the Shroud of Turin entered into a period of its history as dark and gloomy as an approaching hurricane. This would be a storm of bad press and negative opinion. The Shroud was a fake as determined by three carbon dating labs. The party was over. Seven years earlier, in 1981, hopes were high as the Shroud of Turin Research Project announced their results after five days with the cloth and three years analyzing the data. Their results electrified the world with possibility. The Shroud was not the work of an artist and the blood was genuine. Could the Shroud be authentic? Is that even possible?

Not corresponding to the carbon dating labs. Science had spoken and science is never wrong. I dedicate this article to the memory of the late Paul Harvey, the great radio newscaster who became famous with his phrase, "Now you know the rest of the story."

In 1985, twenty-two scientists gathered together at a hotel in Norway to discuss the protocol of how carbon dating of the Shroud would be conducted. Perhaps a little ambitious, but it was agreed that seven different labs would be included, four would use the older technology of proportional counter and three would use the newer nuclear accelerator technology. The tests would be blind while the labs involved would not know which sample was a control or from the Shroud. Lastly, and most importantly, they would cut at least three different locations on the Shroud to balance any skew from potential contamination. This is what was expected to happen.

Now for the rest of the story. Luigi Gonella was the scientific advisor chosen by the Catholic Church to oversee the whole affair. It was his decision to limit the number of labs to three from the original seven. That alone was not earth shattering, seven was probably overkill anyway. But the real mistake was far more than a simple error; it was a colossal blunder and one that would forever leave the Shroud marred with uncertainty. As the leaders of the three labs representing Oxford, Zurich and Tucson gathered around the revered cloth to determine where to cut for their dating samples, Luigi's scientist hat fell to the floor revealing another hat full of Catholic piety. Instead of cutting three different locations on the cloth, Luigi decided on only one location, one that was adjacant to an area cut in 1973 for textile analysis by Gilbert Raes. Why there? It would look pretty. The most significant carbon dating event of the twenty century was determined by aesthetics instead of sound methodology.

In Luigi's defense, there are indications that he was pressured to ignore the sampling protocol by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences in Rome and the Centro Internazionale di Sindonologia in Turin. This may be so, but he will always bear the blame for this blunder.

What happened? Instead of three samples, only one was cut. And where was it cut? From the most handled part of the cloth, the very corner that was grabbed and held hundreds of times over the centuries as the Shroud was thought out and held horizontally by Church officials for thousands to see. It was even thought out numerous times to bless royal weddings as it was owned by the royal Savoy family for over 400 years.

So not only was the carbon test limited to just one sample, it was also taken from the very location any archaeologist would have avoided like the swine flu. Is there a problem with the sample? X-ray radiography of the sample area shows a higher density of threads for some reason. Another clue came from chemist Dr. Alan Adler in 1996. He noticed that the spectrographic data from that corner did not match up with the rest of the cloth suggesting a different chemical composition. In 2003 chemist Ray Rogers obtained thread samples from the same corner cut for carbon dating and compared them with threads taken from the main body of the cloth. Rogers confirmed through chemistry the suspicions raised by the other tests. His work was published in a peer reviewed scientific journal in 2005. The corner was not homogenous. It was different; in fact it was radically different.

The presence of starch, cotton and madder root dye all suggested some kind of repair. What? The corner was repaired? When? How? It does not make any sense. Would not Luigi and others have noticed the difference? Not if it was done by the skilled French weavers who specialized in "invisible mending." In the late middle ages, weavers in France had formed a craft guild and were noted for restoring tapestries, curtains and fine clothing to their original condition. Were they employed to repair the Shroud? There is no written account to document this occurrence but the smoking gun is plainly evident. Cotton was used to affect a repair of the frayed corner because it easily absorbs dye. The dye was used to blend in the new cotton threads with the heavily yellowed threads of the Shroud, and lastly starch was used to stiffen the cotton threads as they were meticulously woven into the corner. What else could account for these anomalous substances to be found in that precise corner?

Luigi's colossal blunder leaves us now. With the legalimacy of the carbon dating sample clearly in question, it has to be dismissed as being inconclusive. If the Shroud was any other non-descript artifact from some obscure archaeological site, it would simply be dated again. Not so with the Shroud, twenty-one years have passed since the first carbon dating tests and still no discussion of repeating the tests.
It looks like the historians who must take center stage now to answer one of the central questions around the Shroud. Is it medieval? If not, how old is it?

This article can not tackle the Shroud's entire history. However, it would be instructive to see if the history of the cloth pre-dates the identical carbon date range of 1260 to 1390. The labs determined with a "95% confidence" that the oldest date would be 1260 with the youngest at 1390. At least we know that it was not the work of Leonardo da Vinci who was born a little late-1452 -less of course he invented time travel.

One of the historical challenges has been to bridge all the gaps with clear documentation. Historians lament over the severe lack of documents with regard to almost any person or event dating back more than a couple hundred years. Gaps are filled by inference and context. With the Shroud, one such gap exists between 1204 and 1356. We have a clear historical trail from its arrival in Lirey, France when it was first exhibited until today.

What happened in 1204? This year marks the lowest point of Christian history when crusaders from Venice and France invaded Constantinople, the center of Eastern Christianity. It was considered the richest city on earth and was proud of its collection of relics including the crown of thorns and "most sacred of all, the linen in which our Lord Jesus Christ was wrapped." This was how it was represented in a letter written to Pope Innocent III in 1205 protesting the invasion. We know from other references that this linen contained an image-much like the Shroud. The city was looted and burned. Almost every relic now claimed by some cathedral in France, Spain or Italy can trace its roots to Constantinople. Where did the Shroud go? A document reveals that it was taken to Athens and was seen there in 1207. Four documents now attest to this. Who had it? It had become the possession of a prominent crusader, Othon de la Roche of Burgundy. He was man of wealth and position and was instrumental in the successful sacking of Constantinople. In return for his service, he was awarded Athens as a fiefdom and became the Duke of Athens and was awarded several relics as payment including the Shroud. However his political reign was short lived due to a run-in with the Pope and in 1230 he returned to his castle at Ray-sur-Saône in Burgundy. Kept in one of the towers to this day is a collection of items taken from Constantinople. One of the most important items is a wooden chest with the inscription, "13th century coffer in which was preserved in Ray Castle the Shroud of Christ bought by Othon de Ray from Constantinople-1206." There is some confusion as to whether the inscription reflects to Othon or his son who is known as Othon de Ray. It severely matters. The point is we know the whereabouts of the Shroud in 1230; it was in Burgundy, France.

Now we must move forward 120 years to 1350. This is when Jean de Vergy, the great great granddaughter of Othon de la Roche was to marry a prominent French knight, Geoffrey de Charney. Jean was living in Besancon, France-about a hundred miles from Burgundy. She is recorded to have the Shroud and is kept in Besancon Castle outside the city. Records indicate it was exhibited occasionally at Saint Stevens Cathedral during Easter. The same year as their marriage, the cathedral burned. In 1353, Jean de Vergy and Geoffrey de Charney move to Lirey where Geoffrey builds a church but passes away in 1356. That same year, Jean de Vergy holds the first public exhibition of the Shroud in Geoffrey's honor. A pilgrim's medal is cast showing the Shroud's unique double image with the crest of both families represented. Historians have pieced together through inference and context that Jean de Vergy was the rightful owner of the Shroud as a direct descendant of Othon de la Roche and presented the relic as part of her dowry to Geoffrey when they married.

The years between 1230 when we know it was in Burgundy and 1350 when Jean de Vergy is known to possess it, is when it may have been held by the Knights Templar for safe keeping. A recent document unearthed in the Vatican archives by historian Barbara Fraale reveals the testimony in 1287 of a young recruit to the order who is brought into a secret sanctuary where he is shown a long linen cloth bearing the bearded image of a man and is required to kiss the feet three times. It is more than curious that another Geoffrey de Charney was burned at the stake in 1314 along with Jacque de Molay. They were the two leaders of the Knights Templar who were charged with heresy, that they worshiped a mysterious image. Is it a coincidence that another Geoffrey de Charney, a direct descendant of the executed Templar would marry the rightful heir of the Shroud, Jean de Vergy thirty-six years later? Wow! Writers pay attention. Looking for a story fraught with intrigue, secrets, scandal and betrayal? You just found it.

What does all this mean? Look at the dates … 1205, 1207, 1230 all clearly predating the earliest carbon date of 1260. We have clear possession of the cloth by Othon and his descendants. The most important aspect to this history is this-if we can link the Shroud of Turin to what disappeared during the Fourth Crusade; we suddenly have a documented trail dating back to the sixth century! The history of the cloth that was described as "most sacred of all" began in 525 and disappeared in 1204.

Is there any other way to bridge the gap between 1204 and 1356? There is-and it is the most significant one of all. About thirty years ago an important picture was discovered within the pages of the Hungarian Pray Manuscript. This was the first book ever written and bound in the Hungarian language. Inside is a picture showing two distinct scenes. Scene one shows Jesus laid out on his burial cloth showing only four fingers and no thumbs-same as the Shroud. Scene two shows the cloth wrapped around Jesus with a face image crudely showing that the cloth contains an image. Here is the clincher; the picture also shows an "L" shaped pattern of burn holes exactly as we see them on the Shroud. Lastly, the picture clearly portraits the distinct herringbone pattern weave of the Shroud. It could not be any clearer. This picture dating from 1192 is depicting the Shroud that was kept in Constantinople and is the same cloth that resides in Turin today. There can now be no mistake as to what disappeared in 1204 and later given to Othon de la Roche.

Is the Shroud medieval? Not a chance. As long as we keep pretending the carbon date is somehow accurate since the bad sample, we will continue to look for the identical medieval artist who created it. If you are looking for the artist, start looking in the sixth century. However, do not look too hard because there is evidence that takes it to the third century too. Does it go all the way back to first century? Only if you believe in legends-but every legend has a kernel of truth. Now you know the rest of the story. I think Paul Harvey is smiling.

School Homecoming Prom, Dance, and Party Ideas and Themes

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Is your student body planning a high school prom, dance, or party? Do you need ideas for your themes? Well look no further we can help spark your creative juices by going over several factors that determine a successful prom.

High School Homecoming

Most High School Homecomings are organized by Student Council Advisors. Now the main idea for a homecoming is to promote school spirit. The planning that goes into a homecoming or party is not as involved as your High School Prom. This does not mean that the decorations should get overlooked at your schools homecoming. We will discuss those ideas later.

High School Prom

At a majority of High Schools, their Proms are planned by the Junior Class Prom Committee. The prom is the send off for the school’s upper class students. There can be two separate proms depending on the size of your junior and senior class. Some schools in different districts go as far as to combine proms due to smaller class sizes. Since the High School Prom is a formal event, it is usually receives more attention and funding.

High School Homecoming Dance Ideas

So you and your committee are looking for ideas for your homecoming, dance, or party. Your themes depend mostly on the traditions of your school. Try to tie in what your school mascot. If your party or dance is something more casual, then it may be predetermined. The basic ingredients for successful school homecoming dance are music, hype, and energy. The company you hire for the Michigan DJ can make or break your ticket sales for the next dance depending on how the music was balanced. How well your committee hypes the party will determine the outcome as well. Do not forget that the energy level at your school homecoming dance will be based on how much decorating your group does.

High School Prom Themes

Your High School Prom theme deserves more attention than the typical High School Homecoming. This means spending more time selecting a reputable venue location, caterer, photographer, and Michigan DJ Company. Here is a list of High School Prom themes for you to choose from.

A Dream for Us

A Kiss is Just a Kiss

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

A Night at the Oscars

A Night in the Clouds

A Night of Mystery

A Night on Treasure Island

A Night to Remember

A Night with the Stars

A Red Carpet Affair

A Stroll down Broadway

A Taste of California

A Taste of International Flavors

A Walk in the Clouds

An Affair to Remember

An Evening in (Place)

An Evening of Stars

Arabian Nights

Between Your Heart and Mine

Big Band

Born to Be Wild

Box Office Bliss

Bright Lights, Big City

Broadway Backstage

Can’t Fight the Moonlight

Captured in a Dream

Caribbean Nights


Carried Away


Casino de (School Name)

Cherished Moments

Come What May

Cupid’s Ball

Daring to Dream

Deep Blue Destiny

Depths of Love

Destiny Awaits

Destiny Awaits

Enchantment under the Sea


Eternal Elegance

Everything You Want

Fire and Ice (Worlds Collide)

Fly Me to the Moon

Forever Tonight

From this Moment

Garden of Enchantment

Glamour and Glitz or the 20’s

Got to Believe in Magic

Greek Paradise

Happily Ever After

Heaven in Your Eyes

Heaven on Earth

Here’s to the Night

Hollywood Night of the Oscars

Hollywood Nights

Horary for Hollywood

Hour of Enchantment

I Believe

I could not ask For More

I Promise you the Stars

If only for one Night

I’ll Always Remember You

In The Still of the Night

In the Still of the Night

It Might Be You

It’s a Jungle Out There

Larger than Life

Let the Good Times Roll

Magic under the Stars

Magical Memories

Mardi gras

Masquerade Ball

Memories of Tonight

Memories to Last a Lifetime

Moonlight In Paradise

Moonlight on the Nile

Moonlight Rendezvous

Moving On

Mystical Journey

Mystical Twilight

New York, New York

Night in New Orleans

Night with the Stars

Nightlife 200-

One Sweet Night

One upon a Time

Our Treasured Night

Paint the Town Red

Paradise Awaits

Parisian Romance/Escape

Picture Perfect

Putting on the Glitz

Remember Me Always

Retro Romance

Romance in the Park

Saturday Night Fever

Save the Last Dance for Me

Saving Forever for You

Shores of Venice

Show Me the Meaning

Simply Forever

Simply the Best

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Space Odyssey

Springtime in Paris

Stand By Me

Star Struck

Starlight Fairytale

Still the One

Sunset Serenade

The Perfect Prom

The Way You Love Me

These are the Times

This Magic Moment

Time after Time

Time of My Life

Tonight is the Night

Tonight’s Dream…Tomorrow’s Memory

Tropical Paradise

Under the Sea

Underwater Paradise



Voices That Care

Waiting for Tonight

Waiting for Tonight

Waltz under the Blue Moon

What Dreams May Come

When You Believe

With Upon a Star

Written in the Stars

You’ll be in my Heart

The Ultimate Dance for your Students

Selecting a theme and going over ideas will help guarantee a fun and memorable event. This is a key component in producing an unforgettable prom or homecoming dance. First, think about the type of prom you want to have, whether you want it to be romantic, fun, or mysterious. Most schools develop themes that generally set the guidelines for the prom colors and decorations. Some schools have become more creative by revolving the entire dance party around the theme and ideas. This goes all the way down to the students costume attire to decorations. Whatever theme your committee chooses, make sure it fits the personality and customs of your student body.

The Ultimate Sinful Tour of Paris – I Missed Some, You Don’t

Isaac Watts, the rose and the naughty bird. Happy Fence Friday from Southampton!

Moulin Rouge… the birthplace of Cabaret

Moulin Rouge was opened by Joseph Oller and Charles Zidler back in 1889. During that time Paris was the hub of creativity and the city was going through the phase people call “one of the best times in Paris”. It is believed that Moulin Rouge was the place where cabaret originated. This seductive dance was done by the show girls who used to live and perform in Moulin Rouge. The interiors of the establishment boast of huge floor to wall mirrors, expensive chandeliers, plush carpets, huge floor for dancing and spectacular showgirls. The environment inside the establishment becomes totally electrifying and ecstatic when the show is on. Even in these digital times Moulin Rouge receives a footfall of 1000 guests per night.

Lido de Paris… the Classier Moulin Rouge

Lido de Paris is probably the most famous establishment after Moulin Rouge. It is situated at Champs-Elysees, one of the most attractive neighborhoods in Paris, particularly in the night. Lido is famous for its dance and musical shows. Every night, it hosts shows where showgirls are dressed up in the most exotic and exquisite costumes. The interior of Lido is also very extravagant and posh, adorned with bright colors and old world decor. The lighting and the sound effects are captivating. The stage and set changes almost about 60 times right in front of the audiences! The oval shape of the hall ensures that everyone has a good view. They also have shows where kids are allowed, but expect nudity in them too, though they don’t look vulgar. Earlier Lido used to be a black tie event but these days they allow you in without it. But they are particular about dressing so dump your denims for the night at Lido.

Au Lapin Agile… The Nimble Rabbit

Adult entertainment just does not cease in romantic Paris! Au Lapin Agile is another vintage joint for cabaret. Many famous people were regular visitors here and we are talking about the likes of Toulouse-Latrec, Modigliani, Utrillo and Picasso. The translation of the name Au Lapin Agile means the nimble rabbit which got its name from a painting where a rabbit is jumping out of a heated pan. During 1905 Pablo Picasso painted a picture which helped in the publicity of the establishment. The name of the painting was ‘At the Lapin Agile’. Well if Adult Activities in Paris are on your mind, then just step in! Did we mention that this place still retains the evidence of eccentric characters of Paris who visited here? They are there in form of names carved in the wooden tables and they did it themselves!

Paradis Latin… Napoleon’s Personal Theatre of Dance

Now we are on to the next Cabaret haunt which is also one of the oldest in the Latin Quarter, so located centrally. Here you would find the shows very intriguing as most of the male and female artists perform completely naked. However the dancing and artistic references are not always filled with sexual innuendos, it is more like an adult circus. Quite a Cool thing to see In Paris for Adults! Paradis Latin was built in 1803 under the command of Napoleon Bonaparte. Famous writers like Alexandre Dumas and Balzac were frequent visitors to this place.

Crazy Horse Cabaret… Go Crazy with the Tease

There are cabarets in Paris where you can see stage performances by naked dancers, moving and swaying their body in a classy yet seductive manner nad crazy horse is one of them. The iconic Crazy Horse was opened for the public in 1951. These dances are indeed provocative yet this is one of the most sophisticated cabaret clubs in Paris and well reputed too. Famous celebrities like Pamela Anderson and Dita von Teese have also performed on the dance floor of the Crazy Horse.

Cesar Palace Cabaret

If you want a taste of Paris nightlife then look no beyond the César Palace Cabaret that not only packs some sensual cabaret moves but also mind boggling acrobatic maneuvers. Traditional cancan girls dressed up elegantly perform in the shows here. And that is not all… they top up the wonderment with some super sumptuous three course french meal as well! They host the two hour show that does not let you blink your eyes. Talk of tantalizing, think of César Palace Cabaret!

Tell us you are breathless! Well we have surely given you some extra reasons to make Paris your next destination. I mean romance is passé’, it is time to get naughty!

And just like we had promised, let us take you to the next section that is going to be even more sinful, but in a different way- the French food!

Laudrey Pastry shop… the best macaroons in the entire Paris

Laduree is a famous pastry shop which is famous for selling one of the tastiest and vibrant coloured macaroons in Paris. Yep we are talking Paris Desserts here! Back in 1862, Louis Ernest Ladurée had established this small time bakery; sadly the bakery got gutted due to fire after 9 years. It was erected again but this time the shop was full time Pastry shop. Later on a tea shop was also made next to the Laduree store and now if you visit you would be able to enjoy the wonders of both of the stores.

Berthilon.. The Sweet Lovers’ Paradise

Paris is heaven for food lovers but we all know that. The trick is to find the best amongst the best. This is why best way to travel Paris is on foot where you will find a food store or a restaurant within every two steps of your journey. The most well known and famous ice cream parlor and sorbet shop the Berthilon is a treat for all the people who love like it sweet and chilled. This place was opened in 1954. This ice cream parlor serves more than 70 flavors and people swear by the aroma when you step inside the shop. Make sure that you definitely taste the strawberry sorbet here. Berthilon is definitely one of the best places to eat in Paris.

58 Tour Eiffel Tower… offering a larger than life experience

When you are in Paris, going and experiencing the 58 Tour Eiffel Tower has to be on your things to do in Paris. This is a restaurant situated on the first floor of the Eiffel tower. When you sit inside you get a lovely and “as-far-as the eye goes” panoramic view of Trocadero part of the city. The other side of the restaurant shows the interiors of the Eiffel tower’s mesh work. The restaurant serves typical French brasserie food. The restaurant offers a 2 to 3 course style food picnic for lunch. During the evening you can experience the traditional French cuisine inside the restaurant with the lights dimmed and grand view of the city lights coming alive in a distance.

Le Ombres Restaurant… Experience the Fusion of Flavours

If exploring Paris Food Culture is on your wish list then there is no way you can miss Le Ombres Restaurant. This restaurant is famous for its architecture, the beautiful view of Eiffel Tower and the special menu set by Chef Jean-François Oyon, a two starrer Michelin chef. He was announced as the Chef of the year by Le Chef Magazine. So it goes without saying that the food quality in this restaurant is really good and it serves traditional French cuisine with exquisite flavors and ingredients, served like an art on the plate. We bet you can’t have enough of it!

Latelier-des-Chefs-Cooking-School… Go a little French!

LAtelier-des- Chefs-Cooking- School is a famous cooking school in Paris, with its branches in around 14 locations located all over France. Six of the cooking schools are situated in Paris. Guinea fowl with baby gem, peas, mustard and ratte potatoes is a fowl breast recipe that is served with green salad is one of the most loved dishes taught in the school. The other popular delicacies are lamb with minted crushed potatoes, broad beans and wild mushroom sauce, and roasted lamb with fennel puree and potatoes. The chief agenda behind establishing the school was to motivate French students to take up the art of cooking as a career. Recently it has also opened its doors to visitors of different nationalities to learn French style cooking.

How to reach

Paris is very well connected by air from all the major cities in the world.

Where to stay in Paris

Paris has an amazing array of options when it comes to accommodation. Here are our top picks across the budget spectrum, so whether you are on a tight budget or looking for luxurious indulgence we have it all here.Or you many simply type Paris in the nice little hotel search box given here for a complete list of hotels.

So this was the seductive and sinful Paris tour. So what are you waiting for, pack your bag and indulge in some naughty pleasures of life!

How to Do Effective Writing in IELTS

Lone Tree, Snowdonia

Writing has always played a dominant role in the field of communication since the primitive times. Despite the fact that latest technology has taken the means of communication to a new horizon, writing has not been substituted. There is a famous saying 'Pen is mightier than sword'. One, who uses the pen effectively and judiciously, can express himself / herself impeccably. The indispensable function of writing is to convey the message in a subtitle way from one person to another. Writing test in IELTS lasts for 60 minutes, and candidates need to complete two tasks, each of which requires different text types (description, letter, report, discussion, argument, opinion text).

An effective writing in IELTS depends on the various factors:


Task response Grammatical accuracy

Lexical Vocabulary Coherent and Cohesion

Task Response
The Task 1 (150-180) and Task 2 (250-280) needs to be written in 60 minutes.

Candidates must try not to use more or less than the required word limit as the chances of going off the topic (when writing more) or penalty (when writing less) is there. The content should be relevant to the issue which has to be discussed in the writing task.

For example:

Education is the single most important factor in the development of a country. Do you agree? What are the factors which are usually related to academic success in high-school students? Do the advantages of study abroad justify the difficulties? In this topic, we need to discuss the problems and solutions which are being asked rather than emphasizing only the important aspect of education.

Lexical Vocabulary and Grammar Accuracy

How to do Effective Writing in IELTS
Candidates should take grammar and spelling into consideration. There should be proper sentence formation and vocabulary.

For Example:

Mrs. Rita brave the resume to the interviewer.

Mrs. Rita submitted the resume to the interviewer.

Students who want better scores will always reckon the grammatical usage in an apt way.

Coherent and Cohesion
Cohesion refers to the connectivity of text whereas coherence refers to the understanding level of writing. Paragraphs need to have a lucid and organized pattern wherein candidates can give their idea. Sentences within the paragraphs may be linked together from one sentence to another by various ways.

  • Repetition of important words
  • Substituting the pronouns like 'it', 'these' and 'this'.
  • Using synonyms
  • Using linking words Example 'however', 'moreover', 'furthermore', 'consequently' can be used to show the complex relationship between ideas.